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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

"Many people never fully discover what it is they think until they begin to write. The process of writing in itself can free you to articulate what you think." — Henry M. Sayre, "How to write about art"

Greetings everyone,

I am sure that your weeks are great, and you all are looking for something creative to prop up your Sunday.

I was in the car with a buddy of mine talking about life and we got on the subject of some ideas we had floating in our heads. He’s a successful business-man and entrepreneur running a small venture fund out of Miami (who cares about what he does, honestly, but he is just a really smart and interesting guy) and he gave me the advice that I thought was great to pass forth –

If you are so much as thinking of doing something at all – listen to your gut and just do it.

Don’t plan. Figure all that other sh*t out later.

The piece that I am going to share is a journal entry that I did 8 days ago relating to self-governance, choice and autonomy. It’s an excerpt expounding upon a metaphor coming from a person coloring in a coloring book who decides to go outside of the lines and draws what they want, and the implied choice given between the two types of roles.

There were a couple of grammar edits – but largely the excerpt is kept the way it was written in my journal.

Now suppose the color-er moves out of bounds. They take a blank page – construct their own piece and then proceed to color.

  How hard this is! How freeing this is!

The color-er now becomes the creator, for themselves. They now must decide rather than be told or governed in their choices. They are free to decide what to draw- but how do they know what they draw is correct? They can decide how much of the page to fill. Should they use all? Or half? Perhaps they can use one fourth and use the rest for other doodles tomorrow. Or even a napkin! These choices are given to the drawer as power and autonomy; but also includes a struggle – A struggle to use the brain to make choice. True choice. Not choice of which, but what, when, how and most importantly what it is. What am I? and what will I do?

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