San Diego Garage Band Revival: Orion Brody & Jonah Breslow

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

"The interesting thing about acting is using all your own stuff and having some kind of personal catharsis while you're working." — Melanie Lynskey

Featured music: 

1. Magnolia, Album

2. Sneak Peak Song, Gemini (Editor's choice)

3. Sneak Peak Song, Drive

Click here to play a featured podcast, recording before the band went live online. Listen to accompanying music and text, below.


Our contribution today will be Orion Brody and Jonah Breslow – a San Diego based team releasing an album under the name of Aloe Vera

We begin our conversation speaking about how both got involved with the Aloe Vera Project. Orion explains the difference in emotional connection that he gets from playing other people’s music versus his own creations and what steered him towards the latter. 

We dive into the different catalysts that brought them into jamming and ultimately forming a band. 

We then speak of the different themes portrayed throughout the album such as love, sadness and betrayal. We go into the overall complexities of cathartic moments and the search for its freeing power. 

In closing we learn about Aloe Vera’s sound, what keeps them going, and advice for those looking to join a band, themselves.

Orion Brody's main influence genres include R&B, Hip Hop, Classic and Indie Rock, and Jazz

Influential artists include The Beatles and Stevie Wonder.

For more information on the team, please visit their Spotify page in the link given in the email. If you enjoyed what Jonah Breslow and Orion Brody had to offer, send them an email, they would absolutely appreciate it, and of course consider listening to their album on its release date, this summer.

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