A Holiday Recess

We are excited to announce that The Hera Collective will be observing a 3 month holiday recess. In this time you can expect us to be hard at work on improvements to the site, user experience and all of the great things that we have to offer to the Collective.

Some things that we are thinking of more in depth are the types of offerings that we can share members outside of media, different types of events that we are able to host, and how we can get people out of their spaces safely and stimulate creation in this period where solitude is the primary lifestyle that we live.

One of the great things that I consider in this time has been how do I take the time that I have to myself and make it most productive, with the word produce being the key factor driving the use of the word. How do I make it productive to members of society, while still remaining siloed in place, waiting to re-emerge to be able to do things like travel, share myself and energy in a forum and also just have fun with others, closely.

Although I am missing out on that, what I have gained and hope that members and others that read this is the idea that even though we may have to spend more time alone, that does not limit our ability to be stimulated, create and produce - whatever that may mean to you. 

I am excited for this holiday recess because it will allow the team to put our heads down and think of ways to serve you. Of course, as you know, we absolutely allow for feedback and welcome it. And if you know me, I will be reaching out directly to you all for feedback on the experience so far, and to learn about how you all feel about being a member of the Collective.

Pura Vida,

Christopher Jackson

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