How to Design a Tattoo, featuring Sabrina Drescher

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

"I think in terms of tattooing through working with other bodies. My body has never really felt like my own and with so many different attempts with negotiating ownership with my own body, nothing has really worked. Tattooing has made me proud of my own skin for the first time and has made me feel like my own body was truly mine."

The following was shared in the early days of The Collective, the spring of 2020...


Greetings community, Click here to play featured podcast and read accompanying text and tattoo related photos, below. Our community member showcase today is Sabrina Drescher, a CNN featured, internationally recognized, Los Angeles based tattoo artist dedicated to pursuing and developing what she believes reveals, not covers, the human body.  We begin our conversation speaking about where she got her start to find herself as a stick and poke and machine professional tattoo artist in dorms at scripps college. She follows up debunking the myth that you need to go through formal programming to become a professional tattoo artist. We then lead the conversation into speaking about what receiving your first tattoo is like and what it is like for her to give a person their first tattoo. We then dive into what it is like to simply go with the journey of the experience of receiving said tattoos, rather than focusing on the end. We then close by talking about why she does it, what she gets out of not only the experience of giving, but also receiving one of the 50 tattoo’s on her body.

To find out more about here work check out her website at her instagram, @stab.dee.  She is currently based in Los Angeles, California and, frequents New York City, London, Germany and Washington D.C., her hometown, to see clientele.

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