How fulfilling has your day-to-day been, this year?

Your life needs sustenance. Now you don't have to keep struggling to find inspiration in your life.

Keep your life filled with creativity. The Hera Collective's community gives you what is missing.

I am proud to say that I have been part

of The Hera Collective since day one, and that I plan to remain an
active member of the collective for the years to come. Being part of the collective has helped spark my
creative inspiration. It has also introduced me to a wide variety of art that I otherwise would not have had
contact with.


             — John Dewald,

             Founder, Full Belly Brazil

 IG: @theofficialjohndewald

From school to living abroad and then in a full-time job, I feel like I haven't had a chance to get in touch with my creative side in a
long time. It's great getting to see other people's work and devote some time to my own creative nature!


           — Ashley Morefield,

                 Fulbright, Cote D'Ivore

         IG: @_ashlaaaay_

...I'm a roboticist in graduate school. 

Finding a creative outlet is often a challenge for people whose 

livelihood is firmly in a technical domain. The Hera Collective has been a great place to share my poetry and creative
work and also see others share their own.

           —Tommy Berrueta, 

                      Northwestern University

              IG: @tommyberrueta