Our Story

The Hera Collective was started as a way to stimulate generative and creative conversation for those involved members.

Throughout your early twenties, you go through many challenges in life, questioning, uncertainty, and attempt to find community similar to your identity in an attempt to alleviate this uncertainty of self.


The Hera Collective combats those difficult questions differently. We are a Collective of self-selected intellectually curious individuals who celebrate and are deeply interested in the arts. Our thoughts and identities are extremely diverse. Thus, The Collective identity is that we have no specific identity. We are simply a collection of smart individuals.


Active members of The Collective each take care to contribute a creative piece roughly once every 2 months. Each week a creative piece is selected to be featured Sunday at 2PM when research has shown that these thoughts of uncertainty in adulthood spike. The Collective takes 10-20 minutes out of their day that Sunday to view and add to the discussion in a communicative, supportive and thoughtful way.


The contribution from our Collective members can be anything generative. The Collective's definition of generativity is anything that you have created from your thoughts that can now be experienced on this earth. That includes a photograph, a writing selection, a song, an invention, a ceramic bowl, film and even a piece of software. The community has no benchmark for good and we actively avoid searching for it - as The Collective is a grouping of communicative, supportive and thoughtful people.


Our definition of communicative, supportive and thoughtful does not mean that we feign niceness or create empty compliments. Communicative, supportive and thoughtful in The Collective's eyes is to speak of the idea to further develop and draw more beliefs from the selection.


For this reason, The Collective avoids additions to conversation that simply say "I like this" or "Nice post," but gives to the conversation something that was not there. In relation to a poetry submission on love, "This is good because I have only thought of love through courtship rather than relating to myself" would be an additive point of discussion.


Values that Collective members hold in public dialogue apply to direct message and offline interaction. When a member of the Collective reaches out to a fellow member directly, that member does so out of respect for either who that member is or the thoughts they have developed. Collective members reciprocate that respect by responding to direct outreach.


Of course, with the creation of a space in the arts bears the ever-encroaching threat of inauthenticity and pretentiousness. These are two identities that Collective members firmly do not identify. The goal of The Collective is to generate authentic connection, not connection built off of societal signalling.


We hope and believe that you will enjoy your time with The Collective and leadership strives to make your experience most constructive. If you feel this to be the case as well, click join us to learn how to become a member.


If you feel that you would like to reach out to leadership, please email hello@theheracollective.com.

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